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The National Honor Society is a group of honors students at Bow High School who have been carefully picked to represent our school. The National Honor Society handles most of the volunteering that the school does for organizations as well as provides free tutoring services to the school. This year, our Chapter has accumulated over 814 community service hours and 385 tutoring hours while also hosting over 5 events ranging from community service to fundraising for our school and community. Let us know if you need our tutors!


Lily Woo
World Studies Teacher
AP European History Teacher
Kate Kulacz
School Counselor


Character is what distinguishes one individual from another. It is the product of constant striving to make the right choices day after day. Students with good character demonstrate respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship in all of their actions.


Scholarship is characterized by a commitment to learning. A student is willing to spend the necessary time to cultivate his/ her mind in the quest for knowledge. This pillar can only be achieved through diligence and effort. Scholarship means always doing the best work possible, regardless of impending reward.


Leaders take the initiative to aid others in a wholesome manner throughout their daily activities. Leaders sacrifice their personal interests in order to yield to the needs of others. Leaders need wisdom and self-confidence to affect change in all aspects of their lives.


The pillar of service can be reached in a variety of ways. The willingness to work for the benefit of those in need without compensation or recognition of any kind is a quality that is essential in NHS members. As a service club, the National Honor Society is highly concerned with giving its all to the school and community at large.

Chapter Members

The Bow High School Chapter of the National Honor Society is filled with 71 brilliant young minds looking to make a difference in their school. The school's members come from the junior and senior classes and represent the best BHS has to offer.

The senior members this year are: Claire Aurilio, Allison Beaudette, Miranda Benoit, Brayden Binder, Mark Borak Jr., Susannah Budd, Brian Bushnell, Abbey Coe, Sonya DeLorie, Nolan Filteau, Shannon Ford, Benjamin Guertin, Jonathan Guimond, Amanda Hamilton, Julia Hollinger, Dillon Hicks, Laura Hoeker, Kathleen Jenkins, Cole Johnson, Grant Johnson, Alison Lambert, Rebecca Lessard, Gillian Martin, Christian McDonald, Joseph Milano, Gwen Molind, Nathan Murphy, Shannon Murray, Patricia Nordin, Ethan Paige, Valerie Pascetta, Lina Patel, Justin Porath, Brett Provost, Juliet Reed, John Rolla, Emma Roberge, Amanda Sampo, Cydnee Szumierz, Sam Selleck, Samuel Valas, Lauren Walter.

The junior members this year are: Eve Anderson, Courtney Baer, Samuel Berube, Brianna Boone, Daniel Breault, Macy Broderick, Cassandra Cafasso, Sarah Ciotti, Emma Conley, Caitlin Craven, Isabelle Dolcino, Lauren Goyette, Zoe Jukoski, Natalie Kay, Julia Landcastle, Jamie MacEachron, Zachary McDaniel, Ana Milano, Miah Munro, Kylie Murphy, Brenna Novakoski, Elizabeth Parker, Andrew Ralston, Jonathan Routhier, Joseph Rychwalski, Rebecca Thissell, London Warburton, Aidan Westernberg, Jack Wixon.


President: Samuel Selleck - Sam runs cross country, skis, and plays baseball. Lover of puns and bad jokes, mashed potatoes, and ping pong, this avid leaf collector cannot wait to lead NHS through a memorable 2017-2018 school year.

Vice President: Lauren Goyette - Lauren plays varsity soccer, basketball, and lacrosse as well as tennis as a freshman. She is also a member of the Student Athlete Leadership Council and Student Senate.

Secretaries: Abbey Coe - Abbey is looking forward to a great year in NHS and at Bow. Apart from school, she is a competitive weightlifter and powerlifter, and is hoping to qualify to nationals in 2018 for both. She also loves learning Chinese and watching the Office.

Sonya DeLorie - Sonya is the captain of varsity field hockey and lacrosse and is on the swim team. She is a member of Student Athletic Leadership Council and Student Senate. She is looking forward to working with Abbey Coe as co-secretaries.

Treasurer: Mark Borak Jr. -

Parliamentarian: Gwen Molind -

Historian: Emma Roberge - Emma is excited for a successful year for NHS! She is also the secretary on student senate, a classical violist of 10 years, a section leader in the band, and on the varisty field hockey team. Her hobbies include her succulents, taking care of her PT Cruiser, and getting her penny's worth.

Webmasters: Allison Beaudette - Allison is looking forwared to an excellent year with NHS! She is also a member of the Student Athlete Leadership Counsel, captain of the math team, a member of the school drama, and a 2 season varsity athlete doing Nordic Skiing and playing softball as well as ice hockey outside of school. She is looking forward to going to nursing school after high school.

  Laura Hoeker - Laura is excited for an eventful senior year with NHS! She is also apart of the Student Athletic Leadership Counsel (SALC), president of the Interact Club, and is a 3 season varsity athlete playing field hockey and running both indoor/outdoor track. The first thing on Laura's bucket list is to float in the Dead Sea.

  Zachary McDaniel - Zachary is looking foward to being one of the Webmasters for NHS. He is also is a member of Spanish Club and is the head of the school's VEX Robotics Team. He also plays baseball and guitar, and enjoys programming.

Noteworthy Members

Ana Milano has been proven the most dedicated member of the Society by amassing a total of 53 hours of tutoring and community service, the highest combined total of any of our members! Congratulations!

Ana Milano has given back to the community by volunteering through the Society earning 30 hours! This is the most community service done by any of our members. Awesome job!

Ana Milano has earned the title of Most Tutoring Completed by donating 23 hours toward benefiting the education of fellow peers! You stand out among fellow Society members for your altruism. Well done!

Honorable Mention courtesy of the NHS advisors:


If you have any requests for volunteering hands, email one of the Chapter's advisors. Contact information is provided above.


If you or your child needs tutoring, please send an email to help@bownhs.org, including your name, grade, the subject in which you would like tutoring, and what periods you are free. Your request will be met as soon as we find a member best suited for your needs!

National Honor Society


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